Escargot with mushrooms and cheese

Shrimmp Cocktail

Shrimp cocktail Served with sauce and a lemon slice

Bruchetta                                                                                           6.95

Munchie Platter for Two                                                               16.95

(Chicken Fingers, Zucchini, Breaded Pickles, & Onion Rings)

Calamari                                                                                             8.95

Shrimp Cocktail                                                                               7.95

Escargots                                                                                           5.95

Escargots with Mushrooms, and Cheese                                  7.95

Breaded Zucchinni                                                                          6.95



Onion rings                                    5.95

Buffalo Wings                                 9.95

(1lb) served hot or mild      

Chicken or Beef

Poutine                                           6.95

French Fries                                   4.75

French Fries and Gravy               5.95