Chicken Linguini Alfredo

Chicken Parmesan







Includes: A Basket of Bread and Butter

Italian Sampler                                                                                     21.95

     (Veal topped with cheese, Cannelloni & Linguini Alfredo)

Chicken Linguini Alfredo                                                                   19.95

     (6oz Chicken Breast strips topped with sautéed onions
     peppers & served on Linguini Alfredo) 

Shrimp Linguini Alfredo                                                                          19.95

     (Jumbo shrimp served with Linguini Alfredo)

Veal Parmigiana                                                                                       19.95

     (Breaded Filet of Veal topped with cheese,
     served with spaghetti & meat sauce)

Chicken Parmigiana                                                                           19.95

     (Grilled Chicken Breast topped with cheese,
     served with spaghetti & meat sauce)






Cannelloni                                                                                        18.95

     (Pasta rolls stuffed with veal and lightly seasoned,
     baked in cheese and tomato sauce)

Linguini Alfredo                                                                             16.95

     (Garlic cream sauce simmered with noodles
     seasoned with parmesan cheese)

Lasagna                                                                                            18.95

     (Layered pasta topped with mushrooms,

      pepperoni, green peppers & cheese)

Baked Spaghetti                                                                            18.95

     (Oven baked with pepperoni, mushrooms,
     green peppers & cheese)

Spaghetti Meat Sauce                                                                  15.95

Each topping                                                                                    2.65

     (Available toppings include mushrooms,

     green peppers, meatballs or cheese)