Filet mignon

Includes: Potato, Steamed Vegetables,

& A Basket of Bread with Butter

Dinner for Two                                                          59.95

     10oz Sirloin Steaks, salad bar, choice of potato,

     hot vegetables, apple pie & coffee and tea 

 14oz Flaming Peppercorn Steak                          35.95

10oz Flaming Peppercorn Steak                           32.95

     New York smothered with whole pepper corns
     flamed with brandy at your table, in a
     mushroom green pepper gravy

Fajita                  For one: 24.95               For two: 34.95 

     Grilled Chicken or Beef with spices,
      served with grilled onion, green pepper,
      diced tomatoes, sour cream, & cheese

Steak and Linguini                                                27.95

     (4oz Filet Mignon Served with Linguini Alfredo)

Chinese Chicken                                                                  21.95

      8oz Chicken Breast stir fried with green peppers,

     mushrooms, celery & onions in a teriyaki sauce

Chinese Steak                                                                      27.95

     4oz Filet Mignon stir fried with green peppers,

     mushrooms, celery & onions in a teriyaki gravy

Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Steaks                               29.95

     Three 2oz Filet Mignon steaks wrapped in bacon

18oz T-Bone Porterhouse Steak                                      37.95

8oz Filet Mignon                                                                  36.95

6oz Filet Mignon                                                                  29.95

14oz New York Cut Sirloin                                                33.95

10oz Jr. New York Cut Sirloin                                            29.95

18oz Rib Steak                                                                     36.95

8oz Beef Brochette - Filet Mignon Tips                         29.95